At the age of 36, Parrish has already built up the reputation of one of the best designers / shapers. During his younger days Parrish chased the dream of becoming a professional surfer, by even clutching victory in an ASP WQS 4-Star Billabong Tsurigasaki Pro at Ichinomiya, Japan. As he grew older he gravitated more towards the love of art of shaping and designing boards. He quickly made a name for himself, surfing at an elite level and shaping boards at a professional level for surfers like Owen Wright and Wiggolly Dantas who were competing on the WSL tour at the time. Parrish is known in the industry as one of the best surfer/shapers, and this allows him to experiment on his own designs, with performance surfboards, along with his team to manufacture and design premium surfboards in the performance category.

PHIL BYRNE (Founder & original head shaper)

Born in Wollongong NSW Australia, Phil started to be interested in shaping at the age of 18. He had already developed his surfing to a fairly high level gaining reasonable results in regional, state and international surfing contests and was keen to continue to improve his surfing overseas.
Primarily through his interest in surfboard shaping and wanting to help develop his and his brothers surfing (Dave and Chris were both competing in events). There were few shapers in the area and commuting to Sydney to get boards was difficult. The other reason was to help fund his university studies, so it made a-lot of sense to accept a shaping position offered to him by a local shaper.
Over time Phils shaping skills improved and soon he was attracting many good local surfers to his shapes while as the same time his brother Dave took up glassing in the factory where Phil was shaping.
Following he completion of university Phil followed his surfing passion and departed Australia to surf in Bali and Hawaii. It was in Bali where he met legendary Hawaiian surfer Jeff Hakman who was very interested in board design and liked various aspects of Phils shapes. Jeff invited Phil to live and surf with him in the upcoming season in Hawaii. During the Hawaiian season he began to work with Jeff and local shaper Tom Parrish. Phils knowledge for surfboard design flourish and upon his return to Australia he gained the respect from many of his shaping peers and surfers.
With the development of pro surfing many competitors would come compete in Australia and whist doing so many would surf on Phils boards, these included Shaun Thompson, Larry Bertleman as well as many more from the USA and Japan. With the rise of Byrne Surfboards as well as the rise of Phils younger brother Chris "Critta" on the world circuit this elevated Byrne Surfboards to the world stage. Phil was approached by a young Tom Carroll to ride his shapes on a permanent basis. Tom went on to become 2 x WORLD CHAMPION. On the basis of the success Phils boards developed strong world wide demand and over the following years Phil would travel the globe shaping for many successful surfers wanting his shapes.
In the present day Phil works with his sons Parrish & Taylor in their Thirroul business still shaping and providing design input to Parrish through his shaping journey. He still surfs regualary and remains commited to the continued development of surfboard design for both performance and recreational surfers.

Head Shaper -USA

Michael Barron

A distinguished figure in the world of surfboard shaping, brings his unparalleled expertise to Byrne Surf, contributing to the brand's legacy of precision and performance. With a passion for the craft and a deep understanding of the intricacies of wave dynamics, Barron has established himself as a master craftsman in the shaping community. His collaboration with Byrne Surf exemplifies a commitment to innovation, producing boards that cater to surfers of various skill levels. Barron's shaping artistry, combined with the legacy of the Byrne brand, creates a synergy that elevates the surfing experience. Explore the dynamic and finely-tuned surfboards shaped by Michael Barron at Byrne Surf, where the fusion of passion and craftsmanship continues to redefine the boundaries of high-performance surfing.