Usman Trioko and Byrne Surf: A dynamic duo exchange signatures for another 2 Years

We're stoked to share some epic news that long-time friend, and the best to ever do it at Desert Point has re-signed with Byrne Surfboards after a 2-year hiatus. 🤙

So, who is Usman Trioko?

If you have been to Desert Point, Indonesia over the last decade you have, more than likely, encountered the local hailing from one of the world’s greatest waves. The fluent, English speaking, cheeky local has earnt the respect from every local and seasonal veteran to ever do it at Desert Point. The 27-year-old has spent majority of his life watching the perfect waves at his local break roll through, accommodating thousands of people a year, who share the same love for travel and the sport when they come to Desert Point. There is no doubt that Usman controls the line-up when he paddles out his home break. With the 100+ surfers in the water at Deserts on its days, you can guarantee that Usman “Uss” is the number one surfer in any given time. But Usman didn’t earn this by being the stereotypical hardcore, angry local who thinks they deserve the respect of others (who you normally see at your average beach break). He has earnt it in the opposite way. When you go to Desert Point, or these days anywhere in Bali and you are fortunate enough to meet Uss, you quickly realise that this guy has a special aura, gravitating people towards him. Like Made Lana (the local legend) from Uluwatu, these guys instantly earn your respect from the moment you first meet. It doesn’t matter if you’re one of the world’s greatest surfers, beginning your surfing journey or even just on holiday to take in the beauty that Indonesia has to offer, Usman will always show you the time of day.

Our journey with Usman goes way beyond a mere sponsorship.

With over a decade of friendship, we have turned into family. How did this happen?

In the early 2000s like every surfer who shares the love for travel and chasing dream waves, Parrish (now owner, head designer / shaper) travelled to Desert Point and quickly met the cheeky Deserts local. Back then, the lucky to be 10-year-old Usman was the first (and only) local to surf. Because of Usman pathing the way, there’s a ton of local, talented surfers starting to come out of Deserts. At such a young age, Usman showed his talent in the water and managed to persuade Parrish to leave one of his Byrne surfboards with him and the rest is history. Within the decade of sponsorship and friendship Usman has travelled to Australia countless times to stay with the Byrne Family, spending Christmas and Australian Summers. His friendship circle in Australia is bigger than most, allowing him to chase waves all up the east cost of Australia. We are so stoked to have Usman back on our boards and we look forward to what the future holds as a team.



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